World famous architect, and one of my all time favourite contemporary architects has made headlines in recent weeks for his comments at a preview event for the Venice Biennale 2016. Peter Zumthor suggested that the main theme to emerge from the works this year reflect a resurgence in hand made architecture, a return to the crafts. He elaborates further and explains that the computer is just a slave.

To read the article in full, follow the link below.

Venice Biennale heralds return of handmade architecture, says Peter Zumthor

Zumthor gives his thoughts on the 2016 Venice Biennale. Credit: Dezeen

In the interview with dezeen, The Therme Vals architect mentioned how many designers seem to be appreciating craft and take enjoyment out of the assembly process. I have noticed a little bit of retaliation from some people online about his comments, after all the introduction of CAD has enabled architects all over the world to effectively and efficiently produce buildings for clients on a quicker scale and smaller budget. However, you really do have to ask the questions of the humility and honesty of such buildings which in my opinion add to the quality of architecture.

Describing computers as slaves may be a poor choice of wording on Zumthor’s part, despite this I am more inclined to agree with his point. In architecture school we were always encouraged to hand draw our conceptual ideas and developing the design, and that the computer should be regarded as a tool to assist the presentation of final output for communication purposes. Sketching can be scrappy, but it can help to develop a design much quicker than CAD – at that stage of the process, being a little bit rough around the edges in presentation and more concentrated in producing interesting, considered and convincing design skills will, in my view, result in well thought out architecture rather than a building.



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