Kirkleatham Walled Garden

Cleveland and Redcar council hosted a design competition to revamp their historic walled garden in the Kirkleatham Estate, once a hub for food production in the village in its former glory. As part of the design, the brief suggested a considered future for the entire estate would play a major role in the judging process. Our masterplan was respectful to the current theme and context of the state, suggesting to include the horticultural centre at the rear of the walled garden where that particular section of the garden would be a regenerated thriving allotment space to provide for the training kitchens also situated in the building. The new public area of the garden would open up in the front of the garden which is accessible through the lobby of the new building but can be viewed through historic openings in the wall which are improved and locked using fixed metal gates.

The training kitchens and horticultural centre proposed for Kirkleatham not only provides cultural interest to the village, it also recreates the former productive nature of the historic properties of the garden. The allotments provide local, seasonal ingredients for the training kitchens and the village restaurant while the purpose of the new building is also encouraged to act as a small village information and visitors centre. The aesthetic qualities of the design are conveyed in the graphics and certain characteristics such as the roof line depict the horizon of trees in the estate and surrounding context. The proposed materiality are to sympathise with the old English garden brick wall and forest backdrop resulting in a carefully thought out bespoke design with considered craft and honest quality.


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