Smartbuild Homes

These 1 Bedroom units in near Lancaster, were prepared to submit for planning in June 2016. The unit types vary from bungalows, to apartments and 2 story houses. The properties proposed take up 2 different sites along one street, one much larger than the other which suggests a development of 22 units. The smaller site proposes 8 houses.

The external appearance is well in-keeping with the surrounding context using similar, contemporary high performance materials and the site encourages plant growth and controlled placement of trees to blend in with the backdrop of trees near the sites and to compensate for any removed trees in order to complete the development.

The design and layout of the homes are bespoke and cater the needs for 2 people, using construction methods and materials in a sustainable way, some materials proposed have been recycled. All plots contain a renewable energy source in the form of solar photo-voltaic cells to promote environmental and sustainable methods of energy and with a good amount of insulation, these homes will be comfortable in the summer and cheaper to heat in the winter.



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